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Ushering in a New Era of Mobile Computing ..

Foldable phones where all the rage last year but at the current Las Vegas CES 2020 expo Lenovo have unveiled full details of its revolutionary foldable PC.

ThinkPad X1 Fold is the first fully functional PC with a folding OLED display. Designed to offer unprecedented productivity, it will offer a ground-breaking new form factor that will re-imagine mobile computing. As it morphs through multiple modes, from a small footprint device into a fully flat 13.3-inch display, X1 Fold will deliver laptop efficiency with smartphone portability.

Built from a combination of lightweight alloys and carbon fiber and covered in a luxurious leather folio cover, the X1 Fold will offer the durability and reliability users expect from any ThinkPad.

The X1 Fold can be used in three ways: folded in half as a mini laptop, fully unfolded and propped up with the built-in kickstand and as a tablet.

Co-engineered with Intel, the Always Connected PC is powered by Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® Hybrid Technology and will initially be available with Windows 10 in mid-2020. with prices expected to start at $2499. The Windows 10X version is expected to be available at a later date.

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Unknown member
Jul 28, 2023

In the continuous quest for pioneering office solutions, the world's first foldable PC, as featured on Billions Luxury Portal, revolutionizes traditional concepts of workspace mobility and convenience. This groundbreaking technology underscores not just innovation but also offers a glimpse into the future of work settings, with increased flexibility and performance. This foldable PC epitomizes the idea that Kelly Office Solutions need not be tethered to physical spaces, paving the way for more sophisticated, adaptable, and user-centric devices. Truly, this is a remarkable stride forward in the tech world.

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