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Re-positioning Phuket as a luxury destination ..

The 6th edition of the Thailand Yacht Show, postponed for the past 18 months along with most other large scale international events, is gearing up for next year’s re-awakening with the backing of all the major international yachting brands and Thai government stakeholders. The show will eventually become the central event in a new multi-faceted “Festival of Luxury Tourism” proposed to the Thai government by Verventia and designed to help re-position Phuket as a HNW tourism destination. Originally scheduled back in February this year, show organisers Verventia are cautiously optimistic that the pandemic will be brought under control and the population adequately protected so that TYS can be staged in the first quarter of 2022. Nevertheless, arrangements are being kept flexible in line with the industry’s wishes and the government’s advice, ensuring a timetable with which all strategic partners are comfortable given the on- going situation.

Having had to postpone no less than 5 shows over the past 2 years, Verventia CEO Andy Treadwell has refused to make any premature announcements about definitive dates for the reopening, despite pressure from newly-hatched competitors with no experience trying to hijack the show.

All the major brands and regional dealers have already booked their berths at TYS 2022, whenever it can eventually take place, fully endorsing the Show. They also appreciate the investment its owners have made over the past 6 years in helping to grow the regional industry and promote Phuket as the main yachting hub for Asia.

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Images provided courtesy of Verventia Singapore


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