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The Dark Knight’s most iconic weapon in his crime-fighting arsenal - the Batmobile has been reimagined with eco credentials..

The Tumbler batmobile which featured in the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is arguably one of the craziest-looking superhero cars ever made, and while comic book fans usually stick to dressing up theirheros Hanoi-based architecture Nguyen Dac Chung, 23, has gone one step further building a functional life-size replica of the iconic vehicle but with green credentials with the world's first electric Batmobile.

Weighing less than 600kg Nguyen based his replica on the original blueprint. Nguyen and his team started with the frame made from steel and then moved towards creating the armor panels that form the body. A mixture of materials such as ABS, composite, steel and carbon fiber make up the Electric Batmobile. Parts of the Batmobile are handcrafted while some are 3D-printed for precision.

Powering this mean machine is an electric powertrain and a pair of Lithium-ion batteries that reportedly allow the car to reach 104 kilometers per hour (65 miles per hour).

To bring the car up to date Nguyen has also introduced sustainable tech to the Batmobile by integrating additional advancements such as automatic hydraulic doors, and 4 tactical cameras for a near 360 view, particularly useful when navigating tight corners. It also has a passenger seat too.

The prototype pictured below is currently on display at the Van Daryl automotive gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, which is now taking orders for the next-gen Tumbler on its website


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