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Ultra rare 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype PS1 regarded as Ferraris most advanced road model is heading to Mecum Monterey 2022 this August 18 to August 20 in Monterey, California..

Introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the LaFerrari, translated as “The Ferrari,” was described by company president Luca Di Montezemolo as “the expression of what defines our company.” Two variants were sold: the coupe with 500 produced from 2013-2016, and the Aperta convertible with 210 built from 2016 to 2018. As expected, huge demand and limited supply promoted fierce competition among hopeful buyers for LaFerrari production slots. However, the prototypes masterfully crafted by Ferrari engineers throughout the process of bringing the LaFerrari from concept to reality are far rarer, with just a handful offered up to Ferrari’s most faithful followers, including this 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype PS1.

A legend from inception, the LaFerrari continues to exemplify its maker’s uncanny ability to directly translate the many lessons learned from racing to its road models. Breaking from tradition, bodywork for the LaFerrari was the work of an in-house design team at Ferrari headed by Flavio Manzoni. Internally designated the “F150 Prototipe Preserie PS1,” this third-phase, or “third family,” LaFerrari per-series illustrator prototype is visually identical to the final, production-ready vehicles.

Offered with 16,348 kilometers, PS1 is powered by the definitive 789 HP Type F140FE V-12 engine with prototype ancillaries and components in place, supplemented by Ferrari’s definitive preproduction HY-KERS hybrid powertrain system. Distinctively finished in Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corso with Matte Black, the body of PS1 is based upon Ferrari’s definitive, competition-style carbon fiber chassis and central “tub” structure. Accented by white vinyl roundels and Pirelli graphics, PS1 importantly features the definitive preproduction suite of active aerodynamic systems with prototype parts. The passenger cabin features red leather seats with black piping, complemented by carbon fiber accents on the dash and center console. Staggered 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels mount huge Pirelli P-Zero extreme-performance tires.

Today, the LaFerrari combines Ferrari’s race-winning technical prowess and stunning performance credentials with beautiful, F1-influenced body styling and purposeful, driver-oriented luxury inside to please even the most discerning buyers. Built around a competition-worthy, arrowhead-shaped, carbon-fiber tub main structure, the LaFerrari features a lower ride height and center of gravity than even the radical Enzo before it.

Nearly a decade after its introduction, the LaFerrari continues to reign as Ferrari’s most advanced road model of all time. Providing a truly rare and fascinating insight into new-car design and development at Ferrari, PS1 is the link in the LaFerrari program from development to production reality, serving as one of the final strokes of the engineering masterpiece that is the LaFerrari. As such, it offers an amazing opportunity to experience and appreciate the engineering prowess and incomparable artistry that continue to define the LaFerrari mystique

A total of four LaFerrari prototypes will be offered at Mecum, with three of them having never before been seen by the public. There’s a 2011 “First-Phase Emissions Development Car” based on the 458 Italia platform with a V12 engine; a 2012 “Second-Phase Mechanical Development Car” that boasts a carbon-fibre chassis and tub, plus a V12; and the above mentioned 2014 “Third-Phase Pre-Series Illustrator”.


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