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Luxury British bed maker Savoir bed has teamed up with London’s prestigious National Gallery and home décor specialist Andrew Martin to offer a collection that takes art in interiors to a whole new level.

FELIX Savoir No 4. Headboard upholstered in Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora, 1444/5 –1497 The Combat of Love and Chastity. © The National Gallery, London

Housing over 2300 pieces of art dating from the mid-13th century to the 1900s, The National Gallery showcases paintings by some of the world’s greatest masters, including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh and now Savoir’s clients can have any painting from within the gallery’s collection printed on to one of Savoir’s bespoke luxury headboards and base.

Working closely with Savoir’s beds upholstery specialists, once the desired work of art has been chosen by the client, décor specialist Andrew Martin then uses the latest technology to get the design specially printed onto a selection of three fabrics – lustrous velvet, textured linen viscose and versatile cotton.

HARLECH Savoir No 2 Headboard upholstered in Water-Lilies, Setting Sun by Claude Monet, 1840 –1926 © The National Gallery, London

Reproductions can be cropped, patterns repeated, or a distinct feature turned into a central element of a chosen design. Colours and brushstrokes can also be accentuated and, if so desired, bleed seamlessly into the base below to create one enormous artwork for the bedroom.

Finished with a bespoke plaque detailing the portrait and artist, every commission will be personally approved by The National Gallery to guarantee the design preserves the essence and integrity of one of the greatest art institutes in the world.

FELIX Savoir No 4. Headboard upholstered in A Shipping Scene with a Dutch Yacht ring a Salute by Jan van de Cappelle, 1626–1679 © The National Gallery, London

Savoir Beds are bespoke in terms of comfort and style to ensure that is both beautiful to look at and feels fabulous, all while delivering perfect sleep in a style that tailored to you. Each Savoir luxury bed set includes a box spring, mattress and topper, to create the world’s most luxurious and supportive sleeping system with each Savoir No 1 bed taking 120 hours to create

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