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Russian luxury brand Caviar have introduced the first iPhone in the world connected to a watch with an open mechanism — Caviar Grand Complications Skeleton.

The unique development by Caviar is inspired by the idea of the connection of innovations and the future and classical traditions of the past and was expressed in the creation of an absolutely unique iPhone XS body, where the mechanical skeleton watch is functioning.

In this way, on the one side, you use all the technical possibilities of the modern iPhone, but literally on the other side of its body, you have a mechanical watch with an accurate mechanism open to views at your disposal.

The Grand Complications collection is inspired by the luxurious tradition of the world of watches, according to which, the watches with complications are the top of the evolution and the source of pride of the greatest watch giant brands. Caviar decided to “complicate” the smartphone with a mechanical watch first, and in the future to continue the series with other improvements borrowed from the world of watches.

At the moment, in the collection 3 models are presented: Caviar Grand Complications Skeleton Black & Gold — in the combination of black color and gold, Caviar Grand Complications Skeleton Titanium — with the predominance of titanium elements, Caviar Grand Complications Skeleton Pink Gold — with the use of luxurious rose gold.

The back panel of the smartphone is decorated with figures, fancily repeating the construction of a clockwork mechanism and complemented with a Swiss clockwork mechanism, the work of which is open for views. For the aesthetically perfection, the mechanism is improved by Caviar masters – the platinum is covered with guilloche work and engravings. The mechanism is winded manually.

Every design will be issued in a limited edition, only of 99 exemplars.

Prices starts from $5990

For more information visit Caviar


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