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The MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT first launched in 2019 has been upgraded with a

new precious stone setting featuring a Tiger's Eye..

The Legacy Machine FlyingT, first launched in 2019, is the first of MB&F’s three dimensional horological art pieces dedicated to women. A round case in gold or platinum, with a steeply cambered bezel and slender, elongated lugs, often fully set with diamonds.

Initially three editions, all in white gold and set with diamonds: black lacquer dial plate with case set with brilliant-cut diamonds; dial plate and case both fully set with brilliant cut diamonds; and dial plate and case both fully set with baguette-cut diamonds were unveiled followed by two new editions in 18K red gold or platinum, shedding its diamonds but featuring guilloche dial plates; three diamond-set editions with gemstone dial plates 18K white gold case with lapis lazuli dial plate, 18K white gold with malachite dial plate.

The latest edition features a dial made from tiger’s eye and a yellow-gold case set with diamonds. To bring out a different level of refinement for the feminine LM FlyingT, the Legacy Machine case was completely redesigned. Case height and diameter were reduced in order to shift the focus to the highly convex sapphire crystal dome. The lugs were slimmed down, their curves were emphasised, and deep bevels were introduced to create a more elegant profile.

Harsh or particularly defined lines have been tempered throughout LM FlyingT, such as in the example of the hour and minute hands, which take on an undulating shape – echoed in the rays of the sun-shaped automatic winding rotor. Asymmetry is highlighted in the design of LM FlyingT, from the positioning of the time display at 7 o’clock to the ventricular dial-plate aperture that frames the emerging tourbillon. Even the tourbillon cage itself embraces asymmetry, opting for a cantilevered double-arch upper bridge instead of the symmetrical battleaxe which has topped all other MB&F tourbillons. Woven throughout Legacy Machine FlyingT are subtle references to the aspects of femininity that resonate strongest with Max Büsser, such as the solar motif of the automatic winding rotor and the column construction of the tourbillon, which introduce concepts of life-giving and support.

In a departure froam most modern watch movements, which take a radial and co-planar approach to movement construction, the LM FlyingT engine utilises a vertical and co-axial approach. The cinematic flying tourbillon, which boldly projects beyond the dial-plate of LM FlyingT, is a visually stunning example of the rotating escapement and stands in stark contrast to other flying tourbillons, which usually do not venture past the confines of their surrounding watch dials.

The limited edition MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT- Tiger's Eye is availble to purchase now

priced at EUR 132,000 / USD 150,000 + tax


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