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The Goliath Series releases another Steve Kozloff expedition yacht design concept - The 53 meter G10 polar class expedition yacht.

Designed to accommodate 14 guests for extended periods of time in the remotest locations on earth, the G10 medium sized explorer yacht is a purpose-built steel hulled motor yacht with an ice class hull (PC2). Her steel hull has the strength to endure the intensity of driving through moderate multi-year ice conditions. Undoubtedly, making her one of the most formidable yachts of her size.

With the advent of hand-held remote controls, azipods, and bow thrusters, the G10

is designed for minimal crew for a more private cruising experience offering an extreme range of 22,000nm, equating to a 90-day endurance at 10kts.

The water ballast system can adjust the draft from 15 ft. to as little as 10 ft., enabling the G10 to operate closer to shore. A generous 30 ft. of freeboard at the bow offers a drier on-deck experience in heavy seas.

The 3,462 sq. ft. aircraft hangar can accommodate four small or three medium helicopters. A hangar is a necessity in long-term harsh condition voyages, and a very

useful feature for visiting guests with helicopter. The large flight deck makes air operations possible in harsher conditions. The four externally stored free fall life boats can accommodate the entire crew and guests.

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