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For over 50 years, AMG has stood for courage, passion and the pursuit of top performance, precision and efficiency. With THRILL, Mercedes-AMG is now launching a perfume trilogy that translates these characteristics into three fragrances: SILVER, BLACK and RED...

Based on carefully selected ingredients, French master perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin creates three exceptional fragrances, each of which stands for one of the three core elements of Mercedes-AMG: SILVER for technology, BLACK for luxury and RED for passion.

Three fragrances - three emotional worlds

The perfume SILVER THRILL has the effect of fire blazing beneath a sheet of ice. The powerful fragrance combines notes of bergamot, amber wood and the tropical plant patchouli.

The perfume BLACK THRILL conveys a feeling of freedom and luxury. Sweet tonka beans meet tangy leather and spicy clary sage. Ripe tangerine adds a fresh, zesty and fruity note.

The perfume RED THRILL stands for passion and dynamism. Fabrice Pellegrin interprets this combination in the form of an intense combination of vanilla and cardamom, contrasted with the gentle and luxurious character of the iris flower.

Not only the fragrances, but also the striking metal flacons are an unmistakable homage to Mercedes-AMG. They represent the uniqueness of the engines and the thrill of the driving experience; they are made of recycled glass and aluminium and can be refilled.


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