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These limited edition jewelry pieces by Stephanie Gottlieb are inspired by Magnum Ice Cream..

As the chocolatiers of ice cream and champions of unapologetic indulgence, Magnum ice cream believes that when it comes to enjoyment and self-expression – from your favorite ice cream to how you layer your jewelry – More is More!

The luxury ice cream makers recently partnered with jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb known for her extravagant layered looks, inspiring people to embrace their uniqueness and creativity through their individual style to introduce the More is More Collection: a collection of six jewelry pieces designed to be layered so you can unapologetically indulge in self-expression.

Inspired by Magnum ice cream’s decadent layers, the More is More Collection takes indulgence to the next level with unique drip rings and versatile necklaces that double as your new favorite bracelet to encourage you to explore your many layers through mixing, matching, and customizing!


  • The Caramel & Vanilla Pave Ring is iced with a display of caramel and white diamonds and costs $495.00

  • The Melt Ring is a stackable iteration featuring a half 14K gold band and half pavé costs $1690.00

  • The More is More Flip Ring allows you to choose how you want to express yourself. With a collection of pave diamonds on one side and “MORE” on the other as a reminder to always unapologetically express yourself and costs a whooping $7,560.00

The More is More chain is so versatile it can be worn as a necklace or a triple-wrapped bracelet and customized with Chocolate Enamel or Gold Letter Charms! Each necklace costs $495.00

To shop the collection visit the Stephanie Gottlieb website


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