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Ultra premium electric automotive brand AEHRA reveals design of its first model, an SUV with butterfly and gullwingdoors..

AEHRA, the new global ultra premium electric automotive brand, has revealed the exterior design of its first model, an SUV. Presented to the global media in Milan, the city where AEHRA is headquartered, the radically different style of SUV delivers a revolution in automotive design. Uniquely unlocking the full design potential afforded by its state-of-the-art EV drivetrain, the AEHRA SUV represents a peerless vision of effortlessly elegant futurism.

Featuring a lengthy 3-metre wheelbase, a radically low front end and exceptionally short front and rear overhangs, the AEHRA SUV presents a design that is profoundly different to that of any other vehicle on the market today. Striking, narrow elongated headlights combine with LED lighting strips highlighting the outer edges of the lower air vents creating a unique visual signature, the SUV becomes even more attention getting during the hours of darkness.

Every single element of the SUV personifies AHERA’s unwavering determination to defy modern, mass-market automotive convention, while holding steadfast to the pure values of classic Italian design. This sentiment is instantly evident in aspects such as the glassware, which appears to flow as a single piece from the very front of the car and over the roof, before sweeping down to the rear of the tailgate in an almost liquid-like fashion. It is also dramatically expressed in the stunning elytra-like doors. Opening skywards and providing optimum ease of entrance and egress to the exceptionally spacious cabin that effortlessly accommodates four NBA-size players in complete comfort, such features are normally the exclusive preserve of supercars.

Using cutting-edge CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which have an accuracy equal to and, in some respects, greater than those achieved in wind tunnels, Perini and his team have generated a groundbreaking flowing body, which generates exceptional aerodynamic efficiency. The knowledge gained during this approach has been forensically applied to the design of the front and rear of the SUV to set optimum standards for aerodynamic drag reduction, cooling, and battery thermal management.

AEHRA has adopted innovative aerodynamic management, with movable elements at the front and rear, which offer the thrill and promise of a sporty ride and at the same time improve active safety. These solutions also optimise drag coefficient and thermal management of the batteries while also increasing the range of the car.

Utilising the full potential of ultra-advanced, exceptionally light, highly sustainable composite materials, including forged carbon fiber technologies, which have only come to the market in the last few years, further enhances the efficiency of the vehicle.

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