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Gucci & Adidas have unveiled this stunning umbrella, problem is it's not waterproof!

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has collaborated with Adidas to launch a new range of fashionable umbrellas. Part of a new collection set to be released on 7 June the sunbrella is priced at £1329 and features the iconic interlocking ‘GG’ monogram and trefoil art, green and red triple stripes along with a birchwood handle carved into the letter G. The problem is the umbrella is simply just a decorative item because if teh heaven open's it won't protect you from the rain.

Designed to attract the Chinese market on its website, Gucci said: “Part of the Adidas x Gucci collection, this sun umbrella features the Interlocking G and Trefoil print. Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use.”

Whilst many understand that a luxury items coming from the house of Gucci, is of course a status symbol more than anything else many many taken to social media site Weibo to condem the product with a hashtag on the umbrella being sold for 11,100 yuan and not waterproof attracted more than 140 million views.


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