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A symbol of opulence and style, diamonds are worn by fashionable people all around the world. Of course, not everyone who incorporates diamonds into their look owns luxury cars and frequents high-end resorts, but they tend to be donned by individuals who live a life of luxury and enjoy the finer things in life..

Overall, society adores diamonds. We’ve been treated to a plethora of diamond-themed movies over the years, diamond-inspired songs by the likes of Shirley Bassey will be around forever, and people are even playing games with a strong diamond theme, such as Diamonds Power: Hold and Win. Additionally, whether it's for a big event or simply to bring much-needed sparkle into their lives, people everywher invest in diamonds that will typically be owned over an entire lifetime. They're essentially timeless purchases.

Finding the very best diamonds online can be a daunting experience, though, particularly when it comes to tracking down diamonds that have been ethically sourced. Thankfully, some trusted online destinations have received glowing reviews in recent times. So, if you’re keen to obtain diamonds for a special occasion in the future, then below is a look at some top sites that offer high-quality products.

Kicking things off with an online diamond retailer that is fairly new compared to many others on the list, Clear Origin has a particularly strong focus on lab-grown diamonds that look the part and come with a level of uniqueness that can’t be found elsewhere.

After starting in 2017, Clear Origin has received a number of plaudits, particularly given their slick and easy-to-use website, coupled with the free shipping they provide and the 100-day return policies that consumers tend to like. While Clear Origin’s customer service has received mixed feedback, overall, it’s still one of the very best places to shop for diamonds online.

An online destination that has been offering impressive diamond-filled products since 1999, Ritani is a family-run business that has become renowned in this particular area. From hand-crafted jewelry that is well-priced to a range of designs that can be purchased with the company’s price match policy, Ritani is a trusted name in the space that boasts some of the most impressive diamonds around. If you’re keen to snap up diamonds from a transparent online store that also offers diamond market analysis, then Ritani is the place to go.

For people searching for impressive diamonds and other jewelry gifts, Blue Nile is a fantastic option. Particularly popular when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, this world-class online jeweler offers a seamless shopping experience and a wide range of top products.

Recently acquired by Signet Jewelers for $360 million, Blue Nile also offers a diamond price match guarantee and a diamond upgrade program that all customers can make the most of. From round and pear to emerald and oval, Blue Nile is capable of providing you with the very best diamonds at a reasonable price.

A name you might have come across before, James Allen is a diamond provider with a proven track record in offering diamonds of the highest quality. From lab-grown diamonds to GIA-graded diamonds, James Allen’s website also enables potential customers to view diamonds in a fantastic HD 360° high-resolution manner, therefore making them aware of every detail their chosen diamond possesses.

If your diamond arrives and you aren’t happy with it, though, then James Allen’s superb customer support team is there to assist you. Also offering exceptional discounts and a price match policy, James Allen is a name many wealthy diamond shoppers trust and would highly recommend.


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