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We take a sneak peak inside the first ever Pagani inspired interiors in the stunning Da Vinci towers located in Dubai..

Dar Al Arkan Global, a leading real estate company, and Italian Hypercar manufacturer Pagani Automobili, unveil the first apartment at the magnificent DaVinci tower located in Dubai. The apartment, a residential masterpiece, gave prospective buyers a glimpse into the world's first-ever Pagani-inspired exclusive space as well as the uniqueness of the Da Vinci tower's apartment portfolio.

Reflecting the cornerstone of Horacio Pagani's creative philosophy that combines form and function, all 80 apartments will be adorned with tailored pieces from the line of Pagani branded furniture. This, combined with a blend of high-end marble and wooden flooring dotted with chevron patterns, doors bearing the Pagani emblem, and custom lighting, is nothing short of captivating.

The three-bedroom apartment demonstrates a unique confluence of Italian and contemporary design excellence that is slated to characterise the entire inventory, epitomising Pagani's craftmanship and emphasising the concept of Living Above Luxury.

While Pagani's signature style will be weaved in all corners of the apartments, every room will have a distinct character. From the kitchen to the car simulator room, with its leather padded walls and cockpit-inspired shape, these apartments set a new standard for contemporary living.

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