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Worth a jaw-dropping 10.3 million dollars, this advent calendar includes brands like Ferrari, Cartier, and Chanel..

A custom made advent calender made for a very wealthy Swiss family commissioned by the self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas” Debbie Wingham, 39, featuring designer watches, diamonds and artworks has earnt itself the title of "Worlds Most Expensive Calender."

The $10.3 million ultimate Yuletide gift tailored around a theme of travel, merges individual gifts for each family member along with the families joint travel plans for the upcoming year ahead which includes trips to Paris, Dubai, New York and Disneyland, among other locations.

In creating the calendar the artist decided to curate unique trinkets made as individual art pieces in each window with the destination painted behind it. Items inside the calendar include a Paris Chanel purse embellished in diamonds, a gold Arabian lamp with diamond and emerald details a Milan-Ferrari art piece symbolic for the Ferrari 488 pista.

The calendar which took almost a year to create including the reclaimed ebony and the paintings that bring the calendar to life are valued at over $250,000


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