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French company Bouvet Marine has unveiled the Supermarine MM01, a sleek two-seater watercraft which claims to be the world’s first hyper-jet and fastest and most expensive jet ski in the world...

Designed for lovers of pure technique, both aesthetic and efficient, the Supermarine MM01 exudes power. Beneath the taut lines of its sporty silhouette, it celebrates mechanics at its most authentic. A magnetic beauty, it captivates the eye and transforms the sea into an adventure playground.

Impressive for its technical prowess and aerodynamic design, the Supermarine MM01 stands out as the ultra-personal watercraft. Its motorization, resulting from the latest advanced technologies, making it the most powerful electric watercraft in the world to date. Adventurous, seductive and aggressive, it is part of a radical approach, leaving no room for concessions. Beneath its stealthy air, it is the ultimate expression of the personal watercraft, symbol of the perfect fusion between extreme power and agility.

With its monocoque carbon-Kevlar chassis and its wide bonnet on cylinders, the Supermarine offers privileged access to the technical parts. Integrating such electrical power on board a boat of less than 4 meters is a real challenge. This technical prowess has been enhanced by the massive use of carbon fiber and the integration of a super-powerful battery, developed according to the exacting standards of motor racing. To ensure optimal performance, it requires oversized liquid cooling, worthy of a hypercar. The engine, on the other hand, develops 300hp / 220kW and close to 450Nm of torque, thanks to a latest-generation radial architecture. This technology makes it possible to achieve unprecedented performance in the history of electric watercraft.

Priced at $900,000 only 30 of these luxurious watercraft will be made available split across two versions: the Supermarine MM01 Nacre and the Supermarine MM01 Black Edition.


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