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California-based designer Steve Kozloff has just unveiled a new gigayacht concept that allows seafarers to oversee their philanthropic endeavors while living in the lap of luxury..

The G-Quest a 215-meter yacht, has been designed not just for luxury exploration but to further advance oceanographic research and deliver humanitarian aid.

Able to accommodate a total of 26 guests and 150 crew the upper three decks are designated for the owner and the owner’s guests, while the rest is dedicated to oceanographic research, medical research, green propulsion experimentation, and medical intervention. The owner’s suite which is situated in the bow offers 3,000 square feet of space, panoramic views and a giant private pool along with a large solarium with a lavish salon and dining room.

Ammenties include a beach club with a full bar and a shaded lounge area aft with a pool. The flybridge sports another pool, along with a spa, a lounge and a half basketball court.

G-Quest is propelled by azimuth thrusters. The thrusters receive power from the batteries. The batteries are charged by gensets. The gensets are fueled by hydrogen, methanol, biodiesel, and green fuels of the future.

The thorium molten salt reactor heats up water and powers the steam turbine. The steam turbine is connected to a generator which charges the batteries and provides direct electrical power to the azimuth thrusters.

In addition, the G-Quest will be experimenting with various new battery technologies.

Estimated cost of the yacht is 1-1.2 Billion.

Images provided courtesy of Steve Kozloff


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