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With no reserve this one-of-a-kind property could be be a steal for those willing to act fast ..

The auction for Son Serralta, a 16th Century mansion set within an expansive 630,000sqm country estate on the island of Mallorca, has opened for active bids with no reserve. Live until 5pm GMT on Tuesday 22nd June, the lead sales agents, Imperial Properties, are inviting interested participants to move quickly if they want to snap up one of Mallorca’s most exclusive homes.

Commenting on the opening of the auction for Son Serralta, Mark Ratcliffe, Sales Director at Imperial Properties, said: “Due to the level of the offering, we’re confident there are going to be a lot of interested parties willing to move in with competitive bids, however, if there is anyone sitting on the fence then they need to move fast, as this a rare opportunity to potentially secure an incredible deal, with no reserve in place.”

Valued at €26.5 million, Son Serralta is a truly one-of-a-kind property. The expansive three-storey mansion house, measuring near 3,000 sqm, included 10 double bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, tennis court, two swimming pools, elevator to all floors and a secured garage for up to seven vehicles.

A spacious self-contained guest house is also situated alongside the villa, complete with a separate entrance, providing three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and living room, as well as a terrace. A large swimming pool and full-size tennis court, surrounded by landscaped gardens, provide excellent outdoor entertainment.

Within the property’s grounds is a standalone chapel, which is consecrated and beautifully decorated internally by Nils Burwitz, a famous German artist and local resident of the island. The chapel can be actively used for important religious family events such as weddings, christenings and weekly services.

The estate of Son Serralta has its roots deep in Mallorcan history, with the site dating as far back as the middle ages (c.900ad to 1229ad). Located within the grounds is a talayot[i]​​in perfect condition, known as "a little hidden gem in the forest".

Remains of important hydraulic constructions built during the Muslim occupation of the island (c.1018-1203) are still present, as well as an old spring, with an underground gallery and pond, which is believed to have been built during the same period and was carefully restored a few years ago.

Nestled adjacent to the Sierra de Traumontana mountains, Son Serralta provides unmatched privacy and serene isolation, whilst the city of Palma is a 10 minute drive and Palma de Mallorca Airport just 15 minutes away.

Now live, Son Serralta is open for bids on the exclusive auction site Concierge, through Imperial Properties. For more information or to register your interest visit:

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