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Australian billionaire Mr Clive Palmer, the Chairman of Blue Star Line has unveiled extravagant plans to build a replica of the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Back in 1912 the Titanic was the ship of dreams and for over a century Titanic’s legend has been powered by mystery, intrigue and respect for all she stood for. Deemed unsinkable Titanic was the largest and most luxurious cruise liner of its day but just four days into here voyage on the night of April 15, 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland and sank killing 1,500 of the 2,240 passengers and crew.

Blue Star Liners claim the new ship scheduled to set sail 110 years after the Titanic's maiden voyage will be an identical copy of the infamous liner, and will have the same interiors and cabin layout as the original vessel, complete with ballroom and Turkish baths and will follow the original planned route of the first Titanic carrying passengers from Southampton to New York, but she will also circumnavigate the globe, however one crucial upgrade will be the outfitting of enough life boats for the passengers on-board.

The nine-decked ship will be home to 835 cabins, which could accommodate 2,435 passengers who will be able to buy first-, second- and third-class tickets -- just like in the original. It is claimed that passengers will find early 20th century-style clothing in their room should they wish to dress up and pretend they are aboard the original ship.

No further details have been released as of yet.. But watch this space


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