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Luxury Lifestyle Awards reveals the best of the best in hospitality industry in the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts ..

Even with the best of imagination, it is difficult to grasp the variety of options that the hospitality industry offers the modern traveler. But what demanding vacationers always have a right to expect is impeccable service and unforgettable experiences. In all the diversity of offerings and destinations, quality and exclusivity have become cornerstones. To help connoisseurs of a perfect vacation find their dream destination and celebrate the best representatives of the industry, Luxury Lifestyle Awards have prepared the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts. This list is the result of research and a selection of the most impressive offerings in the hospitality market for 2022 across the globe.

Quality recreation is something that successful people are not willing to compromise on. It is for this reason they are willing to pay any price for impeccable service in the most desirable corners of the earth. The strict criteria that Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts apply during market research and evaluation of nominees meet the highest standards and expectations of travelers. Having studied hotels and resorts of various types and categories, the LLA team has prepared a list of the top 100 establishments that will bring the most positive emotions to sophisticated vacationers.

The pandemic events of recent years have made humanity appreciate in a special way the opportunity to travel and discover the world in all its diversity and beauty. On the other hand, the hospitality industry has met this challenge with increased demands on the leading players in the market. In the face of increased competition, luxury hotels and resorts have been able to offer their guests a new level of service, not to mention precautionary measures related to health issues.

In the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts, you will find establishments that have convincingly demonstrated their commitment to impeccable service and attention to guest needs. At the same time, each of them makes a unique offering that combines charming geographical attractions, unique cuisine, recreational opportunities, and many other features that allow each destination to open up in its own way.

Check out the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts by Luxury Lifestyle Awards and discover the world at its best with the leaders in the hospitality market here:


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world. The goal of the company is to connect people with the best of luxury.

LLA has evaluated more than 10,000 various goods and services in 400 categories from 60 countries and analyzed the results to give you a TOP list of the best of the best in the world. Such world-renowned brands as Chanel, Dom Perignon, and Ferrari were proudly named winners. The victory brings companies status and recognition, global promotion and exposure to an entirely new market of customers.

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