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Urwerks UR-100 tracks the Earth as it spins and flies through space and time ...

With Space tourism inevitable, explorers will need need a watch that can keep time in both zone: space and on earth. Step forward the new URWERK UR-100 SpaceTime.

The UR-100 takes us on a journey through both time and space, two concepts at the very core of URWERK. Using its orbiting satellite hours and minute hands, the UR-100 displays both time (hours and minutes) and space (distance travelled), merging these two concepts in the creation of the all-new UR-100 SpaceTime.

The UR-100 SpaceTime features URWERK’s iconic orbital hour satellites, differing however in one significant way. Rather than the red-arrow-tipped minute pointers on the hour satellites disappearing after 60 minutes when replaced by the next, the UR-100 minute arrow passes beneath and between subsidiary dials, reappearing to display intriguing new astronomical indications: distance travelled on Earth and distance travelled by Earth. Sounds confusing!

To explain it a little easier - each of the three red markers remain active for the majority of their journey around the dial. They take turns in measuring the time, followed by the distance traveled on Earth, and then the distance traveled by Earth, and as the Earth travels (aprox)) 35,740 km through space every 20 minutes.

The progress of the journeys both on and by Earth is indicated by the tip of the red arrow that will, after a two-hour break, take up its role as the prime time-teller once moreowering the UR-100 SpaceTime is the automatic Caliber 12.01, with baseplates in ARCAP and a power reserve of 48 hours.

The automatic winding rotor is regulated by a flat turbine, the Windfäng (Swiss German for “air trap”) that minimizes shocks to the rotor bearing and reduces over-winding and wear and tear. The rotor, which is partially supported on its periphery by the flat turbine, also has a larger diameter, resulting in a lower mass and therefore less wear.

The shape of the case may remind URWERK aficionados of the aesthetics of the brand’s early watches. As Martin Frei explains, "Towards the end of the 90's, we unveiled the UR-101 and UR-102, the UR-100 is a little like our ‘Back to the Future.’ We broke down our approach and used some of the original design elements of our early constructions. The case of the UR-100 is a deconstruction of an early URWERK case. The steel dome of our historic models is reproduced in sapphire crystal. The form is emphasized by the titanium and steel case. I constantly question the diktat of symmetry and played with proportions to catch the eye."

Priced at $49,000 the URWERK UR-100 is available in two editions: The UR-100 Iron (which is somewhat confusingly made from titanium and steel), and the UR-100 Black (also made from titanium and steel, but coated with black DLC). Both styles will be limited to 25 pieces each and are available now. Learn more about the URWERK experience at

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