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Hotel group takes steps to contribute to bee conservation ...

Staunchly committed to protecting its natural environment, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels in Mauritius has launched a new environmental campaign “Bee Sustainable”, with a dual aim of contributing to the conservation of bees as well as serving guests top-quality honey from the Beachcomber gardens. Starting at Royal Palm Beachcomber and slowly rolling out across all eight hotels, the “Bee Sustainable” initiative has installed beehives in specific areas of the extensive hotel grounds, with the ultimate goal to have 12 beehives established across the Le Morne peninsula.

The “Bee Sustainable” project has been successfully implemented with the support of two beekeeping experts, Etienne de Senneville (Bee Works) and Christian Ritter (Laribees), who are on hand to assist the Beachcomber Group when setting up the hives and harvesting the honey. The programme launched just a few months ago with five hives currently established in the hotel gardens, each producing an annual average of 12kg of honey which is served at the breakfast buffet. The next step will be to pot and market the honey at the hotel’s boutique.

The Bee Sustainable initiative aims to create awareness amongst hotel guests about the staggering decline in bee colonies and the devastating effect this has on the world’s ecosystems. With 2019 seeing a growing trend in eco-travel, this project is another significant step that Beachcomber has made in preserving and developing its natural and social environment, strengthening the hotel’s 52 commitments to our planet.

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