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Luxury travel company Cookson Adventures has launched a dedicated wellness adventure programme. Inviting guests to engage their body and mind in some of the most isolated and idyllic locations on Earth, away from civilisation and crowded spa resorts...

The leading provider of ultra-luxury experiential travel to the world’s highly successful people, Cookson Adventures, has pioneered world first travel concepts for over a decade. With a running theme of challenging clients to push their boundaries through discovery, its expeditions are meticulously handcrafted to offer unparalleled exploration of the planet’s most spectacular locations. For years, they believe, the term ‘wellness’ has been misused and without a true definition.

Adam Sebba, CEO of Cookson Adventures, said, “Wellness is a global phenomenon but there is very little that offers a truly personalised experience. Yet it is deeply personal and different for everyone, so I am excited and incredibly proud to be offering something new and exploration-focused to the wellness industry. We know through our experts that to become truly mindful, you have to escape and disconnect from the modern world. That’s why we’ve developed experiences in the most exquisite destinations on Earth, a thousand miles away from the typical spa resort or group wellness retreat. Our offering is designed to work with guests to aid their physical and mental well-being on an individual basis, leaving them feeling physically healthier, more mindful and more connected to the natural world. Breathe has the power to be truly transformational.”

With a focus on the power of conscious breathing and mastering techniques of the body and mind, Cookson has initially developed three inspirational concepts that address physical and mental wellbeing. All of these are based in incredible, secluded locations around the world and involve extraordinary activities that inspire personal growth.

Yakushima, a rarely visited island off the southern tip of Japan, is the location of Breathe Zen, Cookson’s exploration of marital arts techniques that delve into the body’s energy fields. The mountainous, forested interior of this island provides the perfect setting for ‘shinrin-yoku’ (forest bathing), a scientifically proven restorative process of spending time in nature. In a specially built dojo, a Renshinkan Karate Master will guide you through the principles of the ‘bushido’ code (the Samurai Warrior code) and teach you the concept of ‘hara’, a breathing technique that focuses on the lower abdomen, the centre of your body’s vital energy field. According to Zen monks, developing your hara is key to controlling your movement, unlocking power and maximizing awareness.

Breathe Deep invokes the liberating sensation of exploring the vast expanses of our oceans, whilst experiencing an unrivalled sense of freedom and peace under the water. Based on a private island, guests will receive one-to-one tutorship in the skill of freediving, using techniques from yoga and meditation. Learning to lower your heart rate and restrict blood flow, whilst mastering breathing techniques, unlocks the mammalian dive reflex, allowing for extended periods of submersion. Meanwhile guests can appreciate some of nature’s most beautiful and graceful creatures, swimming alongside whale sharks, and even team up with conservationists to help restore local coral reefs.

In Norway, Breathe Ice is a regenerative regime that will help guests reap the health benefits of exposure to the cold, which include fat loss, muscle recovery and a fortified immune system. Core to this exhilarating concept is the Wim Hof Method, a discipline that heightens oxygen in the blood to improve endurance. Based out of a private camp, taking inspiration from the indigenous Sámi people, guests will be led by a Wim Hof method instructor, learning the discipline’s three core pillars of cold therapy, breathing and commitment. Guests can complement this experience with snowmobiling, sea kayaking, nights under the Northern Lights, and many other activities.

These three concepts are powerful examples of the scope of Cookson’s offering, but the company remains true to its specialisation of handcrafting each and every expedition on an ultra-personalised level. No two trips will be the same and Cookson will also build wellness into other experiences – if requested by guests – by delving into a worldwide network of mindfulness experts, coaches, dieticians, personal trainers, yogis, and more. Adventure never came from standing still, neither does wellness.

For more information on Cookson Adventures please visit or email Prices available on application.

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