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Inside the world's first gold plated hotel the decadent Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel where everything is plated in 24-carat gold.

The five-star Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam claims to be the first property in the world to be covered in gold. It took 11 years to build costing $200 million and comes complete with gold bathtubs, mirrors, toilets even gold infused food!

Opened earlier this year in July, the 25-storey luxury hotel is billed as southeast Asia’s most luxurious hotel, it sits by the picturesque Giang Vo Lake, in the centre of the Vietnamese capital and whilst a room rates start from as little as £250 a night expensive for Vietnam, for Instagrams rich-kids this is mere drop in the ocean, however the hotels also wants "ordinary people" to enjoy the opulence as well as the super rich which is why it has been priced so modestly.

With 54,000 square feet of gilded ceramic used on the hotel’s exterior walls the exterior of the hotel is indeed impressive bit fear not the 400-room property is no less impressive on the inside. At the entrance, large, ornate doors gilded in gold open to reveal a gold-plated ceiling with gold accents, chandelier and furniture.

Golden elevators transport guests to their floor levels where the hotels rooms again come paced with gold where in the bathroom there’s a gold-plated bathtub, sinks, taps, toilet seats and gilded mirror, but that's not all – the rooftop features a 24K gold-tiled infinity pool covering over 200 sqm of space and if you still haven't had your fill of gold then head down to the restaurant where even food and beverages have been given the gold standard treatment with dishes topped with gold flakes and served with gold cutlery, whilst drinks are served in gold cups or course!

To discover more visit the hotels website here


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