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Anthénea, is the worlds first floating eco-floating hotel suite...

Designed for hotels who are looking to offer their clients new experiences, Anthénea, is a nomadic, eco-responsible and unsinkable capusle for those interested in connecting with nature, exploring new horizons, or seeing the ocean depths.

Offering a unique and dreamlike habitat in symbiosis with nature and in response to the urban challenges of rising oceans, Anthénea, which has been designed to resemble a floating hotel suite offers something a little different.

Small, compact and self sufficient, Anthénea features a living room with a couch, a bedroom with a circular bed, curved furniture decorated with stained concrete, a panoramic kitchen, a fresh water and salt water bathtub, an underwater 360° observatory, and an outdoor sundeck for 12 people. For the more adventurous, Anthénea can be transformed into a floating Spa, a boardroom a night club or even a restaurant! For conservationists Anthénea would be a great hub for researchers and scientists conducting oceanographic research.

Anthénea combines futuristic architectural projects and tomorrow’s floating habitats. Our Alcove offers design , with customized furnishings , and a full comfort with domotics functions for high-end facilities.

Prices start from € 480,000, for more information visit ANTHENEA website HERE

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Quintan Barnes
Jun 15

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