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Breathe easy with new NASA Technology Oxygen pods designed to helps alleviate hangover symptoms ...

Those waking up with a hangover throughout the festive period need look no further than Rudding Park in Harrogate which has a new Oxygen Pod in its Roof Top Spa. Using oxygen concentrations levels up to 27% (dry air usually contains 21% oxygen levels), the greater flow of oxygen can help lessen the effects of hangovers by detoxifying the bloodstream of the chemicals that remain in the body from alcohol consumption.

Based on NASA technology still used in space travel today, the oxygen is absorbed by the body to help restore function to damaged cells and organs. Alongside the increased oxygen levels, negatively charged ions purify the air, to stimulate the metabolism while dry salt inhalation helps the respiratory system and promotes healthier skin and sounder sleep. The air is treated with SeaClimate ultrasonic nebulizers which enrich it with a micro-fine, dry, velvety mist. The aerosols penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and enter the body through the skin. The experience is like a walk near the ocean, only more intense.

It is recommended guests spend 10 – 15 minutes breathing in the air which has been enriched by high-performance concentrators with valuable oxygen molecules. The combination of pure oxygen and mineral salts has a number of health and beauty benefits including:

  • helping alleviate hangover symptoms

  • preventing the signs of ageing promoting healthier skin

  • strengthening immune system reducing the effects of jet lag

  • improved breathing sounder sleep relieve stress

  • improved physical fitness

  • improvedoverall wellness

Rudding Park is an award-winning hotel and spa renowned for its ongoing commitment to innovation, including opening the UK’s first Roof Top Spa Garden in 2017, and providing guests with experiences such as an Art of Aufguss Sauna ritual, night-time ‘Starbathing’ and Sunlight Therapy Room to help guests overcome seasonal affective disorder.

The Oxygen Pod seats up to six and is accessible to guests on a Spa Day, Roof Top Spa Experience or to hotel residents with Roof Top Spa access. For more information or to book a spa day online visit


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