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Developed exclusively in partnership with a leading London based theatre group, ‘Flying Theatre’ taps into the growing trend of ultra-personalisation and bespoke experiences offering exclusive theatrical experience in the comfort of your own home.

New for summer 2019, Scott Dunn launches an exclusive ‘Flying Theatre’ experience in partnership with renowned London based private theatre group, Revels in Hand. Seeking a memorable addition to their holiday or family celebration, guests will now have access to a troupe of travelling players performing in the comfort of a Scott Dunn private villa in the Mediterranean, Scott Dunn alpine chalet in the Alps or even further afield.

Perfect for families ‘Flying Theatre’ brings children’s favourite plays and characters to life allowing for a unique educational experience. Guests can enjoy their favourite performances in incredible locations – from Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in a remote French chateau to Noël Coward comedies performed al-fresco in the gardens of a Provencal Villa.

Highly personalised, this one-of-a-kind experience uses professional actors to perform a thrilling repertoire of plays. From short after-dinner comedy performances, specially crafted for intimate spaces, to a range of Shakespeare’s works including ‘Macbeth’, the travelling performers will serve up an entertaining treat, perfect for a special occasion such as a family reunion, birthday party or anniversary. For a more immersive experience, guests can even take part in the plays themselves.

Ideal for family groups and children, Scott Dunn can also arrange a surprise immersive treasure hunt for all the family based on the children’s favourite plays or authors such as Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew.

The ‘Flying Theatre’ experience plays range from 25 minutes to up to 80 minutes and the repertoire includes options by Noël Coward, Shakespeare, Moliére and John Van Druten with three to seven travelling players in each performance. One of the theatre groups most popular requests is Noël Coward’s comedy of manners ‘Ways and Means’ set in 1930s French Riviera, which is fun for every age group with its witty cast of characters.

Current Flying Theatre repertoire

Hands Across the Sea by Noël Coward (team of 5-6) – 25 minutes Ways and Means by Noël Coward (team of 5-7) – 35 minutes Voice of the Turtle by John Van Druten (team of 4) – 60 minutes Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten (team of 6) – 75 minutes The Bungler by Moliére (team of 5) – 60 minutes Love Scenes by Various (team of 3-7) – 45 minutes Macbeth by William Shakespeare (team of 7) – estimated 70-80 minutes

‘Flying Theatre’ is added to Scott Dunn’s array of flying experiences including; ‘Flying Nannies’, ‘Flying Photographers’ and world renowned ‘Flying Chefs’.

HOW: Scott Dunn can arrange a ‘Flying Theatre’ experience as part of a tailor-made itinerary in Europe from £2,500 non-inclusive of travel and accommodation and based on a cast of four actors. ‘Flying Theatre’ to long haul destinations is available from £4,000 based on a cast of six actors.


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