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A global pioneer in integrated medical and holistic wellness.

SHA’s ‘360-degree Method’ is manifested through 12 health programmes, curated to meet the personal needs of individual guests and effect a significant lifestyle change.

May 2019 – Located between Spain’s Sierra Helada Natural Park and the Bay of Altea in Valencia, SHA Wellness Clinic is a global pioneer of integrated medical and holistic wellness, and one of Europe’s leading medical resorts. Since opening in 2008, the property’s team of certified medical and wellness experts have successfully merged ancient philosophies with the latest advances in Western medicine to generate scientifically proven results and become a world-leading authority on preventative health.

SHA Wellness Clinic offers 12 health programmes, targeting some of the world’s most prevalent lifestyle illnesses, from detoxification and sleep recovery to stress management and weight loss. Guests have access to over 30 full-time doctors, and specialists who work with cutting-edge technology, such as Photobiomodulation and Transcranial Current Stimulation, co-developed by NASA and Harvard Medical School. This scientific approach is integrated with an array of natural therapies, such as reiki and Traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a personalised nutrition plan aligned with the World Health Organisation, Harvard Medical School and the Nutritional Science Unit of Cornell University, to form the SHA’s 360-degree Method.

The health programmes include:

DETOX – a complete body cleansing

WEIGHTLOSS – a healthy and constant weight reduction

INTENSIVE DETOX & WEIGHTLOSS – the perfect combination for wellness

STRESS MANAGEMENT – recovering inner balance

FITNESS – improve, tone and strengthen your physical condition

ESSENCE – what you need for a bountiful life

DISCOVERY – an approach to a healthier world

LIFE RESET – a restorative break for a new beginning

SLEEP RECOVERY – re-establishing of restful sleepby natural means

ANTI-TOBACCO – stop smoking and avoid relapses



In addition to medical benefits, guests of SHA Wellness Clinic are also treated to premium hospitality and a beautiful resort-like setting to relax and rejuvenate. SHA sits on a mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Helada Natural Park – one of Spain ́s foremost ornithological reserves. The area ́s mild microclimate, recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the world’s best, is an important factor for maintaining optimum health. The 93 suites and 11 SHA Residences are strikingly minimalist and sleek, with first-class facilities.


Launched in 2018, the SHA Residences are an exclusive residential project which offers families and groups the SHA experience without having to leave their Residence, offering them total privacy. The 11 residences draw on the principles of Feng Shui and were designed by the acclaimed Spanish architect Carlos Giraldi and interior designer Elvira Blanco. SHA’s Residences were designed with sustainability at their core – incorporating natural materials, renewable energy and water recycling systems – and technologies that actively contribute to guests’ wellbeing. For example, the Residences adhere to the traditional principles of Feng Shui and chromotherapy (colour therapy), maximise the use of natural light and include systems for air purification. The three types of Residences (Garden, Premiere and Penthouse) range between 300m2 – 500m2, and depending on the category, offer a fitness room, treatment cabin, Turkish bath or sauna, as well as a private cinema room. Each include private gardens and terraces with infinity pools made from glass, amounting to a total of 82 metre of glass pool.

SHA Wellness Clinic ́s Cognitive Development Unit, led by Bruno Ribeiro, also recently introduced Transcranial Current Stimulation, as well as Brain Photobiomodulationtreatments – the first in Europe to do so, so far. These pioneering painless and non-invasive cognitive stimulation therapies use brand new technologies developed in conjunction with different institutions of which NASA and Harvard University, with special focus on cognitive empowerment. The main objective of these technologies is to treat neurological and psychological diseases such as depression or anxiety; as well as neurodegenerative diseases, enhancing the cognitive capacity of patients in normal health conditions, or for those who have suffered some type of traumatic injury or stroke.

In 2019, SHA has launched two exciting new programmes: Anti-Ageing for Women and Anti-Ageing for Men. Each programme is tailored to the needs of each specific gender, and ultimately aims to reduce the effects and symptoms of ageing in women and men. Treatments for women include: consultations with an expert in genetic and anti-ageing medicine, bone densitometry scan, consultations with cardiologist, a Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation, emotional management and wellbeing expert therapy and more. For men, key treatments include an: oxytest to test oxidative stress, a spirometry test, an osteopathy session and a mind and body session drawing on mindfulness or pranayama techniques.


The SHA 360º Degree Method is the brainchild of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, whose vision was to open a wellness clinic that could treat major illnesses with a fusion of ancient Eastern philosophy and cutting-edge Western techniques, alongside a nutritious diet. There are 30 full-time integrative and experienced doctors at SHA, specialising in a science and evidence-based, results-driven approach to preventative health. SHA develops a personalised health plan for each guest, which includes natural therapies and scientific medicine, along with a customised menu.

SHA Wellness Clinic also offers guests the chance to partake in the Healthy Living Academy, which aims to teach guests how to begin and maintain healthy habits in their daily life. These complimentary group classes come in the form of workshops, talks, activities, cooking classes, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques among others, to provide guests with the necessary tools and knowledge to continue with their new healthy lifestyle.


SHA Wellness Clinic is home to 93 suites, all offering views from private terraces over the Mediterranean Sea or mountains. Accommodation ranges from Deluxe, Superior, Grand to Presidential Suites as well as the Royal Suite, spread across two floors and with a private pool for those looking to truly indulge. Guests are also able to choose from the 11 SHA Residences.


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