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The hotel will sit atop the Holandsfjorden Fjord, benefiting from 360-Degree View of the Svartisen Glacier..

The world’s first ‘energy-positive’ hotel, Svart, aims to open in Norway’s Arctic Circle in 2022. Perched atop the crystal-clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord, at the base of the glacier itself, a glass-fronted, circular design will provide a 360-degree panoramic view of the fjord, glacier and in the winter months, the spectacular Northern Lights, all without compromising on guests’ privacy.

The hotel, which is designed by the Norwegian architect firm Snøhetta, will have approx. 100 rooms, an onsite education and design lab, and a sustainable farm producing ingredients for the hotel’s four restaurants.

Svart meaning black in Nowegian pays tribute to the dark colour of the Svartisen glacier’s ice.

The architecture is inspired by local coastal building traditions and stands on wooden piles dissolving the boundary between land and fjord. The shape of the hotel provides a panoramic view of the fjord and an experience of living in proximity to nature.

Svart is the first building to be designed and built according to the highest energy efficiency standards in the northern hemisphere. The hotel will save 85% of its annual energy consumption and it will harvest enough solar energy to cover both the hotel operations, including its boat shuttle operation, and the energy needed to construct the building.

The long terms plans for Svart are to go off-grid within five years of operation. This means that the hotel including its adjacent services, including the farm and the boat shuttles, will be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity and waste management

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