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Two very early examples of the Veyron, now considered as a modern classic automotive icon, have been given a new lease of life thanks to La Maison Pur Sang, Bugatti’s official restoration and certification program..

Housed side-by-side as part of the same revered international collection based in the United Arab Emirates, the two Veyron siblings – a 16.4 Coupé and a Grand Sport – spent nine months at Bugatti’s home in Molsheim, during which time they were subject to a revitalizing and meticulous new configuration and restoration program by a Bugatti factory team of skilled experts.

In addition to numerous highly focused aesthetic upgrades that were part of the customer’s design vision, the Veyrons also underwent a methodical technical inspection by the Bugatti specialist team, including a full rundown and check of all components, subsystems and the drivetrain.

With the work complete, both models were issued with a full Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang certification, ensuring the work on the two Veyrons is documented, in the process safeguarding the value and status of each example.

Both Veyron models made the journey to Molsheim from their home in Dubai. The Bugatti Dubai showroom, the largest Bugatti dealership in the world, acted as a direct touchpoint for the customer, overseeing the entire Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang program for both the 16.4 Coupé and Grand Sport. The ideation process between the customer and Dubai team for both Veyron models started three years before they arrived in Molsheim. Throughout the entire process, the owner had direct contact with the Bugatti team, ensuring the very best levels of customer support and communication were realized. Beautifully blue Veyron 16.4 Coupé Having returned to the Atelier, the 2006 Veyron Coupé underwent a full metamorphosis, with both its exterior and interior carefully altered to a set of choices that are close to the heart of the customer.

From an original specification in two-tone grey with Cognac interior, the Bugatti team in Molsheim revived it to the customer’s desire for a more contemporary configuration. The exterior is finished in traditional blue duotone; a combination of Black Blue M and Blue M, completed with a full new interior upholstery in Havanna leather.

The refurbishment process began with the full dismantling of the vehicle for the preparation of the reconfiguration process. While dismantled, the technical experts meticulously inspected all components and restored them to as-new condition. It was as if this 18-years old pioneering car had only just rolled out of the Molsheim factory for the very first time.

Subtle Reinvention for Veyron Grand Sport Handed over to its first and only owner in the Bugatti Atelier during the 2009 Bugatti Centenaire celebration, this car was one of the first Veyron Grand Sport models ever to be sold. The owner’s request to the Bugatti team was simple: maintain the soul of the car but refresh it with subtle new details in the interior. The customer decided to change the cabin’s main color from Silk to Magnolia to add additional warmth and brightness to the Veyron’s timeless design.

Upon completion of the high-level technical checks – and like all Bugatti models that take part in the process – a certificate was issued by La Maison Pur Sang.

Such was the seamless but immersive La Maison Pur Sang experience for the customer, underpinned by a relationship that is based on trust, clear communication and respect with Bugatti teams in Dubai and Molsheim, that the customer is already considering how he’d like to reinvigorate additional Veyron examples that are in his collection. In the last two years, Bugatti has delivered 10 La Maison Pur Sang certifications and a lot of exciting restoration projects are to come in the following years.


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