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The iconic Dutton Yellowstone ranch is real and for a lucky few it can be rented..

If you’re a fan of Paramount’s successful Yellowstone series featuring Kevin Costner and the dysfunctional going’s on of the Dutton family you will have witnessed one of America's most beautiful backdrops with its endless blue skies, snow-capped mountains and vivid sunsets and of course the famous Yellowstone Ranch where much of this modern-day western is filmed.

Filmed in the Bitterroot Valley of Darby, Montana the 2,500-acre Chief Joseph Ranch which doubles as the fictional Yellowstone ranch is in fact a real-life historic landmark and working ranch and when the show is not in filming the current owners open up twoe of the cabins up for vacation stays.

Situated along the same trail once traversed by Lewis and Clark, the Chief Joseph Ranch was homesteaded by settlers in 1880. In 1914, the 2,500 acre ranch was purchased by the glass tycoon, William S. Ford and federal judge Howard Clark Hollister who commissioned architectural firm Bates & Gamble to build the main 6,000 square-foot lodge—portrayed onscreen as John Dutton’s home— they also built three massive barns as the centrepiece for this model dairy and brought in the largest herd of Holstein cattle west of the Mississippi.

Sadly the main lodge is not available for rental as this is the where the current owners live but two of the show’s popular cabins can be rented and devottees of the series will recognise these as Lee Dutton’s cabin from season 1 and the cabin occupied by Rip and Kayce in season two.

Both can sleep up to 8 with rates starting from $1,200 per night for 4 guests and $50 per additional guest. Luxurious amenities include a full kitchen, Weber grill, washer and dryer, DirectTV and Wi-Fi. Every reservation includes a tour of the ranch, the show's sets and filming locations; and access to the greater part of the property, including fishing spots, and corrals and pastures to accommodate guests’ horses.

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