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The next technological milestone in the FREAK'S history: a new flying caroussel baguette movement equipped with a 3d-flying oscillator using silicium flexible blades.

The latest model in the iconic "FREAK" collection, the "FREAK neXt" watch marks a new technical feat for Ulysse Nardin. This prototype watch, a showcase for Ulysse Nardin's technological expertise and the flexible silicium blade technology in particular, sets the tone for a new generation of FREAK models to come, where innovation is taken to the Xtreme. Discover this new chapter in the Freak collection, combining all the most iconic innovations of the FREAK VISION model with an extraordinary new 3D flying oscillator!

Ulysse Nardin has been at the cutting edge of watchmaking since its foundation in 1846. Technological exploration is more than a method, it is a philosophy, a raison d’être, a daily driving force.

With the new FREAK neXt concept watch, the Swiss manufacture proves that the adventurous spirit of the FREAK collection is very much alive and driving Ulysse Nardin's technical departments more than ever. The new FREAK neXt is the current quintessence of all the technical and watchmaking skills of the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture, unveiling an oscillator of truly spectacular design.

So what's the latest from the depths of Ulysse Nardin's new "laboratory on the wrist"? After 10 years of continued research, development and improvements in collaboration with Sigatec – a firm co-owned by Ulysse Nardin that specializes in the production of silicium micro-components – the Manufacture is now in a position to present what appears to be the pinnacle of a paradigm shift in mechanical watchmaking that began in 2015 with the Ulysse Anchor flying escapement: the new neXt flying oscillator

The FREAK neXt is not the only new model introduced to the FREAK family. Today, the FREAK VISION is dressed in new clothes: black (in titanium) or rose gold – satin-brushed or polished. The first self-winding watch in the collection showcases the revolutionary innovations unveiled by Ulysse Nardin with its "InnoVision 2" concept watch.

The most significant include an ultra-light silicium balance wheel with nickel inertia-blocks and stabilizing micro-blades, and a new case, topped with a box-domed sapphire crystal.


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