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Inspired by the Deep Space Nine station from Star Trek, the Starfleet Machine clock by Swiss clock maker L’Epee is a horological masterpiece.

Starfleet Machine is an ultra-exclusive table clock, featuring essentially the same mechanisms as a wristwatch, only larger: gear train, mainspring barrel (well, five in series), balance wheel, escape wheel and anchor. L’Epée’s regulator also features an Incabloc shock protection system, something generally only seen in wristwatches, which minimises the risk of damage when the clock is being transported.

The intergalactic spaceship-cum-table clock, features hours and minutes, double retrograde seconds and power reserve indicator. The highly visible, superlatively finished in-house movement boasts an exceptional power reserve of 40 days .

The details of the polished movement can be fully appreciated by the naked eye, thanks in large part to Starfleet Machine’s unobtrusive concentric C-shaped external structure, to which the mainplate is attached. The outermost C-shape has triangular notches next to, and in between, the three vertical arcs. These graceful supports are a stunning design feature, but also have a very practical application: to enable Starfleet Machine to be placed upside down for time-setting and rewinding. A special double-ended key fits into a cleverly designed tube in the back of the movement: one end of the key enters far enough to wind the movement; the other end penetrates the tube more deeply and allows time-setting.

Starfleet Machine comes with its own transparent biosphere dome, fitting over the top and following the contours of the vessel’s three graceful arcs. In intergalactic missions, the dome creates a life-supporting habitat for the vessel and its crew on inhospitable planets. Here on earth, it protects Starfleet Machine from potential environmental hazards incompatible with high-end clocks: dust and curious fingers! The dome is made in polished glass which, given its smooth profile and handle-free form, makes it light and easily removable when turning the clock over for time setting and winding.

The MB&F Starfleet Machine is limited to just 175 pieces in two colors with a retail price of 28,000 Swiss Francs ($35,000 in the USA).


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