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Leading Korean blockchain company Wemade has unveild the new Bored Ape Golf Club NFT collection on its NFT Is Life Evolution (NILE) NFT and DAO platform.

Bored Ape Golf Club is a golf-themed NFT project utilizing around 110 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs that was launched in 2022 by ALTAVA Group in collaboration with Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, and Elite Apes. BAGC recorded a remarkable 40,000 concurrent users during the presale period when it made its debut last year through pop-up stores at popular Korean department stores.

NILE is combining its NEITH Covenant with BAGC to create 300 exclusive "golf ball" BAGC NEITH NFTs that will go on sale starting Thursday 4 May 2023. Each of these 300 mystery box NFTs belong to 4 different classes (Eagle, Special, Hole-in-One and Albatross) that entitle the holder to various privileges including golf country club access and a voxelized character awarded only with Special Edition class NFTs.

Purchasing a BAGC NFT will reveal two NFTs: a BAGC NEITH profile picture (PFP) NFT and a MERCH NFT comprising different BAGC sporting goods like t-shirts and boston bags. Users can claim their allocated sporting goods from September 2023 onwards, and also exchange BAGC NEITH PFPs for a designated amount of WEMIX after the covenant date. More information on the new BAGC NEITH NFT collection can be found at


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