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Scotland’s oldest working distillery, Glenturret have launched a limited-edition Lalique decanter "The Glenturret Provenance" to hold its exceptional limited edition 33 Years Old single malt ..

As part of The Trinity series, The Glenturret Provenance is the first of a limited-edition Single Malt series limited to only 320 Lalique crystal decanters designed by Marc Larminaux Artistic and Creative Director at Lalique.

The 33 Years Old single malt is a celebration of the long, rich heritage and craft that defines both The Glenturret and Lalique and pays homage to barley… the starting point for The Glenturret… as it was back in 1763 and still so today.

On the design inspiration behind the beautiful Lalique crystal decanter, Marc Larminaux, Artistic and Creative Director at Lalique, explains that “Highest quality barley is the starting point for The Glenturret. Fields of barley slowly swaying in the soft breeze and the early morning light are truly a beautiful, mesmerising sight and the inspiration for this decanter. The barley is represented through a glittering clear

The Glenturret Provenance welcomes you with rich notes of ginger, brandy-soaked cherries and plump, juicy sultanas, followed by hints of cinnamon sticks, dates and soft whispers of oak and green apple.

This exceptional series celebrates The Glenturret Trinity: focusing on the three touchstones of Provenance, Prowess and Passion that underpin the distillery’s philosophy to preserve and enrich the world of whisky making for future generations.

The Glenturret Provenance is available from 4th December on RRP £9,800.


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