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Following one incredible idea, two years hard work and 32 years of maturation, The Intrepid the world's largest bottle of Scotch whisky recently sold for £1.1 million at auction..

An adventure from the start, The Intrepid project was dedicated to the spirit and experience of exploration and adventure. Standing over 1.8m tall, the record-breaking bottle contains 311 litres of the fine single-malt whisky (43% abv), distilled at the prestigious The Macallan Distillery in Scotland in 1989. The bottle, which contains the equivalent of 444 standard bottles, was officially certified as the largest bottle of Scotch whisky in the world by Guinness World Records when it was filled by Duncan Taylors Scotch Whisky on 9th September 2021 and most recently sold for £1.1million at an auction held by Lyon & Turnbull.

Inspired by the drive and passion of 11 of the world’s most pioneering explorers who are featured on the bottle including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Dr. Geoff Wilson, Karen Darke MBE, Olly Hicks, Sarah Outen MBE, Dwayne Fields FRGS, Levison Wood FRGS, Felicity Aston MBE and past Scottish Adventurers of the Year Jamie Ramsay and Will Copestake proceeds from the sale of The Intrepid will go towards the explorers chosen environmental, physical and mental well-being charities.

After maturing in two sister casks in The Macallan’s Speyside warehouse for 32 years, the exclusive liquid was bottled last year by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, one of the leading independent whisky bottling companies.

To commemorate this momentous event, a small number of exclusive bottle sets were also produced these comprise a collection of 12 bottles, each filled with the remaining 32-year old The Macallan whisky from the same casks used to fill the record-breaking bottle. Each set included a replica of the main bottle design along with individual versions dedicated to each of the explorers associated with the project.


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