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Yacht designer Steve Kozloff has revealed his latest superyacht concept; the Arctic Owl…

Designed for scientific research and exploration, Arctic Owl is fast and light featuring a helicopter hangar and dedicated garage to accommodate a U-Boat Worx NEMO Submarine. Powered by two Cummins hybrid diesel-electric engines, Arctic Owl has a cruise speed of 16 knots extending to a top speed of 18 knots over a range of 6000 nautical miles.

Equipped with a steel, ice class hull and aluminium superstructure, Arctic Owl balances a robust exterior with a luxurious interior offering accommodation for a total of 10 guests in six staterooms with a staff of six crew.

The dedicated garage designed to accommodate the U-Boat Worx NEMO submarine comes with an easy launch and recovery system one of Kozloff’s most recent invention. She also has a separate dedicated garage for the tenders, both port and starboard, resulting in an effortless launch and recovery system. There is also an enormous swimming pool and lounging area which includes an automated hard cover that becomes a gazebo when the pool is in use.

Even with her strong utilitarian features the Arctic Owl does not compromise in luxury and beauty, the prominent contours and extensive glazing of the yacht offers an unique interior space for an interior designer’s masterpiece. The views are unrestricted almost anywhere on this explorer--from the view of the bow cockpit to the panoramic windows at the stern located over the hangar deck. One can easily see everything from the ocean to the night sky.

The Arctic Owl includes two free-fall lifeboats for crew and guests that will accommodate 8 people each.

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