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Italian engineering company iSpace2O has revealed an innovative new nautical craft and water submersible the DeepSeaker DS1 ..

A futuristic vehicle, Deepseaker DS1 is a compact craft capable of seating one captain and three passengers above or below the waterline. Thanks to its size and weight, it can also be easily transported on a boat trailer and can be lifted and housed in a yacht’s garage.

As a multipurpose craft DeepSeaker DS1 can speed on the surface in hydrofoil mode at 23+ knots or dive beneath the waves to 40/50 meters depth (touristic level) by means of an inflatable ballast tank under the cockpit. The DS1 also comes equipped with an innovative patented breathing system from Like a Fish Tech that draws oxygen directly from the surrounding water through a gill-like system by means of a special pump for a near-endless air supply that is cleaned by a CO2 scrubber.

It’s design concept by Pilotfish Gmbh mixes automotive and aerial looks, utilizing 100% green energy via 2x Thor 40kW electric high torque marine motors that were specially made by Huracan Power. DeepSeaker DS1 is also equipped with a digital dashboard, iPad connectors and hydro-phones for sea mammal listening as well as on board Go-Pro cameras.


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