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After the successful launch of a range of bespoke 28M Ilumen vessels, Dominator Ilumen aims to reach the next step: it is time to introduce the newest additions to the Dominator Ilumen range: the 36M and 38M Tri Deck Ilumen...

Every Dominator Ilumen is characterized by the taste and imaginations of her owner. As unique as every owner, an Ilumen is a bespoke work of art created from the very beginning according to the owner’s specific needs and dreams. Design, functionality and innovative state-of-the-art features are beautifully incorporated in a one-off masterpiece which will surely turn heads at sea, wherever her home will be in the world. This is achieved by the combination of industry-leading engineering, handcrafted elegance and integration of the owner and crew from the very first step in the construction process. Dominator collaborates with the best experts in their fields to ensure that every Ilumen is at the cutting edge of engineering and design.

Ilumen Interior Design by Luca Catino

Head of Interior Design Luca Catino adds further Italian flair to a truly mesmerizing palette of noble materials, tones, textures and handcrafted finishes. Also for the bigger sisterships of the Ilumen range, Catino will be leading the interior design with the newest, made-to-measure Ilumen design that offers a perfect relationship between geometry, ergonomics, functionality and luxury design. He will continue combining the latest interior design trends with typical accents of his own signature style and, most importantly, add personal touches of every owner’s preferences in every cabin, turning every single handcrafted masterpiece into a mesmerizing artwork. At Dominator, bespoke details mean even the position of structural bulkheads and cabin partionings, which are chosen in close collaboration with the owners, making each boat truly individual and customized.

The interplay between interior and architecture enables an exciting unity on these fields and emphasize the Dominator ethos that science walks hand in hand with art. “Through continuous research and innovation, evolution and affirmation in this field became part of my constant desire. Interior yacht design is constantly evolving and relies on the visual perception and sensitivity in the use of materials. The colors and simplicity of shapes used on an Ilumen ensure the sense of serenity on board while simultaneously reflecting the ultimate elegance and luxury”, describes Luca Catino. Natural light for an illuminated interior and space remain the key principles on an Ilumen, while the re-proportioning of the internal spaces on a bigger Ilumen ensures a highly individual usage of space that fits the owner like a glove, providing features and space that can usually only be found on megayachts.

36M and 38M Tri Deck Ilumen

On the 36M Ilumen design concept, the owner’s desire for a bright environment being pleasant to the senses was the central principle of the interior design. Light shades in contrast with classic essences, while the lacquered and subtle plays of colors resemble the nuances of the sea. The salon is enriched by a back wall, treated as a reflection half-way between a reflected illusion and materiality. At the bow, the owner cabin which is asymmetric in the upholstery, emphasizes the concept of a space between visual perception and reality.

The interiors of the 38M Tri Deck Ilumen, on the other hand, were profoundly inspired by a previous Ilumen – Cadet V, the winner of the World Yacht Trophy in Cannes 2018. This 38M Tri Deck Ilumen is adorned with similar colors and essences, being her grand sistership. The advanced version of 28M Ilumen represents an outlined and renewed cleanliness of the shapes paired with the use of very rich state-of-the-art materials, such as miraculous Mutaforma mosaic adorning the back wall of the salon. Simple forms constitute the imperative of the interior design, which is represented by workings from the ceiling to the bedhead in the owner cabin including an exclusive art work. Each cabin on board incorporates the theme of a triangle. The choice of essences and internal chromatisms resembles Cadet V and pushes it towards new shores of research, innovation and the re-interpretation of the existing design. Each Ilumen project embodies the constant desire for development, advancement and affirmation while maintaining the fundamental principles of yacht design firm and intact.

Dominator offers an upscale high-tech construction in post-cured glass and carbon fiber mixed with epoxy resin to the full use of epoxy filler cycle and the application of an Awlcraft painting cycle with infinite colour choices. Every Dominator Ilumen has a double bottom with structural fuel tanks, which ensures a low barycenter and enhanced stability, safety and performance. Further, the special insulation plan is designed in order to reach the best values of comfort in the market.

Additional Megayacht Features: Beach Club & Media Lounge

With extended spaces and even more natural light on board, a new way of experiencing the sea is ensured by additional entertainment features distributed over 36 and 38 meters. Large external surfaces guarantee a better opening towards the sea and a stronger connection with nature and the environment. The characteristic Ilumen moon roof floods the owner cabin with natural light, while a large beach area next to the water including a bar and an optional gym, a spacious media lounge and further bespoke areas dedicated to leisure and relaxation enrich the extremely flexible interior spaces. Special features also include a multi-functional beach platform, which can be raised and used as a diving board or lowered into the water to provide easy access for a quick dip into the water or for launching superyacht toys and tenders. Through design glass cuts the fully-furnished beach area gets visible when extended out over the sea. Creating a platform where the glazed surfaces turn into a source of natural light where the sun on the water reflects during the day and underwater stern lights gleam at night. On the privately accessible bow terrace of the 36M Ilumen an integrated jacuzzi ensures the sensation of being on a megayacht, while the convenient format of 36 meters still allows trips to smaller coasts and bays.

Especially in the case of a shared ownership the idea of transforming the spacious media lounge of the 38M Tri Deck into a second, equally important owner cabin is very useful and for special VIP guests the owner can keep a second owner cabin reserved. By the use of innovative and carefully chosen materials, very essential shapes and the use of colors in line with the best interior design trends, these are the elements that make every Ilumen interior unique and extremely special.

As in all the Ilumen range, we work closely together with the engineers and the captains or owner representatives in order to design the optimal efficiency curve in cruising and in top speed. The hulls can come as a displacement and semi-displacement hull which bring more living space than a planing boat and less noise and vibration. The choice of electric instead of hydraulic stabilizers for the 38M Tri Deck further improves comfort levels both at anchor and underway.

A New Era of Engineering and Performance: 38M and Beyond

The very name Ilumen stands for the illumination of spaces, ideas and engineering processes. From the beginning, the engineering of the Ilumen range is directed and carried out by Andrea Agrusta and his team from NavalHEAD. Head Engineer Agrusta is currently working hard for a new, innovative and efficient high-performance hull for the bigger members of the Ilumen range.

After having received the owner’s request to extend the 38M Tri Deck by two meters to reach 40 meters, the engineering team is studying on the client’s input. The hull will undergo an increase by two meters in order to maintain the tangency and change the hydrodynamic parameters in a positive way. On the contrary, the beam will not increase, but stay at 8.8 meters in order to secure the expected performances through the wetted surfaces and hydrodynamic parameters. However, the two meters more in the central part of the hull will also increase the structural fuel tank of about 2.000 liters. If necessary, also the daily tanks can be increased for another 2.000 liters, resulting in an overall tank space of 32.000 liters. Thus the 38M Tri Deck extended by two meters to arrive to a 40M vessel offers extra space upon owner's wish, thanks to Dominator’s most recent development. Depending on every owner’s wishes and requests, these areas can also be turned into additional guest cabins.

Being known for the high-performance-hull and the incredibly astonishing performance and noise levels, also the 38M and 40M Tri Deck Ilumen have carefully thought out performance levels. The 38M Tri Deck Ilumen comes with M73L engines and has a maximum speed of 21.7kn in half load condition (and 23 kn with a different bulb, which is not mentioned in the power diagram, only in the consumption diagram). When deciding for M93L engines, approximately 24kn can easily be reached (and 25.5 kn with a different bulb, which is again not mentioned in the power diagram, but only in the consumption diagram).

Her bigger sister, the 40M Ilumen could also come with M73L engines and then would have a maximum speed of 20.5 kn in half load condition. However the torque is at limit, which means that the recommended engine models are the M93 and M93L, with a maximum speed at half load of about 22 kn for the M93 and 23 kn for the M93L version.

Outlook: Future is created rather than awaited

The Dominator Ilumen range reveals how a builder can make a marked break from tradition, without abandoning its historic strengths. Catering for all types of requests, from extravagant ideas over simple and minimalistic styles up to unique fusions of contrasting forms – this is the approach Dominator is renowned for. Every Dominator is a piece of art and made-to-measure. It is created, not made.


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