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Eleuthera by Azcarate Design Is 100m Sport-Open M/Y, designed to be unique, fast, with ample interior and exterior areas.

The main idea behind the design created by designer Juan Cayo Azcarate who is also a professional racing driver, was to merge a “sport-aggressive” looking superyacht with hints of automotive design and vast open spaces.

Enjoying every inch of the yacht without any limitation was one of the critical features of the design, so the designer maximized the main areas to create large living spaces that allow guests to relax in another level of comfort, able to enjoy all areas of the yacht.

The exterior design boasts a massive stern platform that transforms into a saltwater pool also serving as a beach club and a “touch and go” landing helicopter pad with direct passage to the interior Bar/Garage.

The vertical cut windows are designed to give a distinguished external look of gills which adds to the aggressive personality of the hull, complementing the unique reverse bow. This provides a perfect look-out to the spectacular landscapes from the main inside areas.

The main deck is fitted with a vast pool, lounge and dining areas also transformable into a dance floor and open cinema to enjoy the best movies in the open air. Double coloured anti-scratch teak and a unique anti-slip white marble are the main inserts fitted on the yacht exalting the minimalist design of the boat.

Two private staircases go directly to the owner’s 360-degree terrace. The long and clean upper deck has a rounded lounge/dining just behind the helipad. The helipad design has a hydraulic platform that can store the helicopter on a dedicated covered garage just underneath. The aggressive looking superstructure design counts with air intakes on the sides, a panoramic window dedicated to the owners and several wings. The stingray-finned Sat-com and exhaust structure give a strong personality as well as speed and aerodynamics.

The Interior Design Concepts where inspired by the ancient Greek Architecture. The main influences are the traditional arrangements, materials, and concepts of minimal yet extravagant monuments such as the Parthenon and Zeus temple. These concepts were taken and modernized to the best, resulting in a striking floating luxury temple.

With a unique partnership with the Italian Luxury Interior Design firm Turri, Azcarate Design can create the interior to the highest luxury standards. There is a massive living room with a monumental staircase that connects the 3 expansive decks, a party bar, the dining room featuring a grand piano and lounge area, owners private office with conference room and indoor cinema, a massive galley where guests can watch the professional chef create edible art or even cook themselves if desired.

Five VIP cabins equipped with ultra-luxurious amenities, a gym, spa, and massage rooms are also part of the featured areas you can find in the yacht. The owners’ cabin located on the upper deck spreads over  235+ square meters of pure luxury. It includes a private 360-degree terrace, a private spa and sauna, an office and a make-up room.

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