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Enata unveil new 2020 flying FOILER Yacht ...

Enata’s FOILER made quite a splash when it was released last year. Now Enata have revealed a new 2020 version which will be unveiled at this years Abu Dhabi International Boat Show in October .

The new 2020 model of the FOILER Flying Yacht has swapped out the hybrid propulsion system of the 2019 model adding significantly more power in the form of two 370-hp turbocharged V8 diesel engines, for a total of 740 hp.

Flying 1.5 metres above the water at an average speed of 18 knots, the FOILE extends out four hydrofoils, acting like wings on an aircraft, to lift the vessel above the waves and create a smooth passenger experience that avoids the slamming impact felt on conventional powerboats.

Gliding smoothly over the waves one of the key features of the 2020 model is a new forward cockpit with a joystick controller. The joystick, installed by the foredeck seats to control the speed and direction of the FOILER, feels like an extension of your body offering seamless and instinctive control, the joystick can be tilted to alter direction, whilst pulling back or pushing forward changes the speed - The FOILER can reach an impressive 40 knots.

Equipped to the highest standards, offering luxurious features to meet the requirements of the most influential and demanding patrons, FOILER is available in different layouts so that you can build a flying yacht to suit your needs. Whether you're after family fun, a little (or a lot) of thrill-seeking, or that James Bond appeal, FOILER is a modular platform offering multiple layout options. All layouts include storage facilities, retractable tables, a restroom below the deck and a fridge for added convenience. Choose from the Venturi, Royale, or Azure for a personalized platform on which to explore the future of luxury water transport.

For superyacht owners the FOILER has been cleverly designed to fit into the tender garage of a superyacht, making Foiler a dream addition for any superyacht owner.

Prices start from US$850,000,


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