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If you love sailing and history then be prepared to be blown away!

Steve Kozloff, has definitely outdone himself with his most recent creation, merging history with modern day amenities and some very luxurious ones the Californian ship designer has unveiled The Galleon, a conceptual sailing ship that looks all but ready to go into battle.

The striking 160 meter, 8 deck sailing ship comes complete with four massive sails and is large enough to accommodate up to 200 guests and 150 crew members housing 20 private residences.

The Galleon has four full-beam garages designed for; six luxury speed boat tenders, four U-Boat Worx NEMO submarines, six rib tenders both port and starboard, and 21 personal watercrafts, and more. Each garage includes an effortless launch and recovery system for all water vessels including the Kozloff invention that easily launches and recovers the U-Boat Worx NEMO submarines. She also has two aft cranes to load and off-load recreational vehicles such as the NIMBL Evolution and other off-road vehicles such as quads and even a SHERP

On the upper aft deck there is a lounging area, full luxury bar, and a 74’ by 32’ pool. One level below the bridge deck is a 44.5' by 35’ indoor pool. Both pools include the Kozloff invention of an automated hard cover that becomes a gazebo when the pools are in use. When not in use the hard covers seal the pool; therefore, no need to drain in rough conditions. On the upper forward decks are two lazy river pools connected by a waterslide.

Galleon also features an indoor sports center with a full-sized basketball court, tennis court, and four handball courts a 4500 sq ft fully-enclosed hangar which includes space for 10 helicopters and an aircraft maintenance facility.

Finally, Galleon houses 12 free-fall lifeboats that can each hold 30 people each.

Images provided courtesy of Steve Kozloff


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