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Originally unveiled back in 2013 and completely tailor-made for each client Italian water transportation company Jet Capsule have unveiled its latest version - The Royal Version 001 which looks more like a space capsule then a luxurious watercraft!

Fully customizable, the Royal Version 001 measures 27ft long, (3.6m) wide, and is able to comfortably seat eight to twelve passengers as well as a captain. The interior is accessed by a motorized carbon fiber rear door and includes luxurious materials such as teak trim and nine plush leather passengers seats.

Toward the rear lies a bathroom at one side and a small dinette corner/bar.

The jet can be fitted with yanmar diesel engines, with a range of power that goes from 370 hp up to 1040 hp, coupled with a latest hamilton jet drives, it can reach respectively speeds from 32 knots up to 62 knots for those who want a little bit more an armored version, complete with a rooftop bunker and bulletproof glass is also offered.

The Royal Version 001 is priced at €250,000. For more information visit: Jet Capsule

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