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Italian design studio Lazzarini has unveiled images of a new 33ft custom yacht concept which offers either tradition styling or futuristic foiling functionality titled F33 Spaziale ... 

Inspired by the futuristic lines a spaceship which characterized the brands Jet Capsule model the new water vehicle adopts a sleek, carbon fiber structure which is fully customizable . Measuring 33 feet in length, the cruiser is available as either a traditional motor-powered yacht or as a futuristic foiling vessel providing the element of flying over the water.

Available in two versions for either relaxing cruising with comfortable areas for sunbathing and comprising of a guest cabin or speed and day-trips, with a space on top of its futuristic shell for laying out in the sun when you reach your destination.

Equipped with different engine possibilities the F33 Spaziale is available with multiple engine set-ups, which include a twin Tesla electric engine option with a 770hp range or a twin 440hp Yanmar diesel engine with estimated speeds ranging from 35 knots to 55 knots.

With its varying customization options the F33 Spaziale can costs from $609,000 for a basic model to $1,660,000. for a fully loaded foiler version with construction estimated to will take approx 9 months.

Images provided courtesy of Pierpaolo Lazzarini


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