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Named after the Norse god of the sea and wind luxury yacht designer Espen Oeino is creating the world’s largest private superyacht complete with private residences - named NJORD …

Norwegian naval architect and designer Espen Oeino is the brains behind many of today’s largest megayachts and together with Ocean Residences, he has unveiled plans for his newest concept , one that would eclipse even his largest yacht to date the 182.9-metre expedition vessel REV.

Stretching across 12 decks this mammoth 281.8 metre vessel will contain 118 private residences available for purchase in 20 different configurations varying in size from two bedrooms up to six, covering 116m2/1248.6ft2 to 800m2/8611ft2. There will even be 16 guest cabins with a butler service and each will have its own private lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows for sea views and a private terrace.

Comfort, privacy and security are of utmost importance on board, and guests can personalise their cabins with decor and furniture to match their tastes and requirements. Living rooms of each residence will feature sea views and open terraces along with luxury amenities such as a sundeck, a telescope observatory lounge on the top deck, a night club and jazz lounge, two outdoor swimming pools, an indoor hydro pool and a comprehensive wellness centre.

With a large yacht comes lots of staff, so each of the 311 crew required to operate such a vast vessel will have their own private cabin, which equates to a staffing ratio of 1:2 per guest ensuring that guests have first-class service throughout every journey.

Ocean Residences have described superyacht NJORD as ‘the next generation of private superyacht’ which ‘will be the home to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who relish travel and sharing extraordinary experiences’.

Other equipment will collect data on the coastal and marine environment as she travels around the world to some of the remotest destinations. Underwater drones and submersibles will map out the ocean floor using multi-beam echo sounders that will identify the contours of the sea floor and any shipwrecks resting there. To travel to and from M/Y NJORD there will be two Airbus ACH 160 helicopters available, both fitted with eight seats and capable of 400 nautical miles.

At present there is currently only a single residence ship in service, The World, as other projects floated over the years have failed to launch. The superyacht is targeted at 2024 delivery. No shipyard has been involved in the project so far however, negotiations are understood to be underway. While cruising, NJORD will be equipped to carry out scientific and oceanographic research, with a gyroscopic telescope and drones monitoring the atmosphere.


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