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UK based boatyard Oyster Yachts has unveiled the new Oyster 565 an award-winning blue water sailing yacht, part of the brands sixth Generation (G6) fleet of Oyster sailing yachts.

Using the latest Oyster hull shapes developed with Humphreys Yacht Design, the 59.3 ft Oyster 565 is designed for easy family and couples sailing without the need for professional crew. 

Crafted from years of experience building over 120 the new Oyster 565 takes Oyster’s premium sailboat design to the next level. Available in a number of different layout and keel options, the latest twin-rudder hull form, shared with the rest of the current range, provides a well-balanced steering system. These include a supershoal with centre-board for navigating shallow waters and or extended transom which offers more space to entertain when outdoors.

The 565 condenses countless sea-miles and owner feedback over last 25 years into one new generation of G6 yachts, balancing powerful lines and enhanced performance with improved features over our older models.

The sub 60 foot sailboat design provides an extremely comfortable shorthanded sailing experience for families and couples alike. Faster and sleeker than previous models, the Oyster 565 breezes through the seas whichever configuration you choose. The option of a supershoal sail plan with centerboard allows for safe and easy shallow-water sailing, while configuring the yacht with our ‘sports pack’ will enhance its performance in racing events like the Oyster Regattas.

The Oyster 565 starts at $1.85 million (£1,450,000) for the Standard Layout (master cabin aft, with two guest cabins forward and a utility cabin ).


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