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Steve Kozloff has released his 2nd Super-yacht design of 2019.

Sterne arctique (aka, Arctic tern) is a 72 meter six-deck polar class explorer yacht, She is a powerful blend of refined elegance and robust abilities. Like her name sake Sterne Arctique can travel from pole to pole.

Her extensive glass work bathes her interior space in an abundance of natural light.

Sterne Arctique has two decks of protected walk ways, and has a full-size swimming pool at the bow. Her pool boasts hard retractable covers so draining is not required in rough conditions.

She also features a full beam beach club with retractable decks. Sterne Arctique features 2 master suites, and can safely host 12 guests in full luxury. To assure the safety of all aboard she is equiped with two free fall lifeboats that can be deployed in the worst of conditions. Her design includes a spacious fly bridge with full command and control.

The integrated aircraft hangar has 2527 ft², enough to store four small helicopters or 2

medium helicopters. The huge landing area permits safe aircraft operations during rough conditions. The two large cranes can help load and off-load special research equipment easily. Sterne Arctique also features heated handrails and heated doors to minimize icing problems.

Her cavernous garage can handle multiple tenders and other water toys.

She can take you to any port on earth nonstop at 10kts without having to refuel and can be on station for extended periods of time. Her ice class hull can easily break through

moderate ice conditions. Sterne Arctique is large enough to be configured for standard diesel-electric propulsion or hybrid. This decision is at the owner's discretion.

Sterne Arctique is a true world-class explorer with all the luxury of any superyachts

For more information contact Steve Kozloff,


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