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There aren't many yachts who could outshine yachts such as the BLACK PEARL and MALTESE FALCON but the VELA could possible be one of them!

Italian designer Gianmarco Cardia, the 2018 Young Designer of The Year, has introduced this new concept, a 80-metre superyacht project titled Vela.

Her name translated from Italian meaning ‘sail’ is a fitting tribute given that the vessel boasts a massive 1,875-square-metre sail plan, mounted on two stately DynaRig masts. Furthermore these impressive sail can be transformed into a cinema at sea.

Designed for entertainment the 262-foot vessel sports Vela can house up to 10 guests within four guest cabins and a master suite with fold-down balconies and its own hot tub on the main deck. The accommodation for up to 16 crew members is also provided on the lower deck within eight cabins.

The interiors classic earthy design create a sense of space and freedom and was inspired by the villas on the coast of Sardinia, the designer’s homeland.

Facilities board the yacht comprise of a gym and a spa zone, beauty salon, two pools and a wine cellar there is entrance to the spiral staircase and glass elevator, connecting the main-deck saloon with dining area and a private conference room.

Cardia believes that once Vela is built it could do up to 21 knots once underway. 


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