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The ultimate boating machine, with four 450-hp outboard engines, a Michael Peters stepped hull, with speeds of up to 50kn and oodles of class...

Take a vast expanse of mirror-like crystal water, add a generous dose of the joy and freedom of the open air, sprinkle in a few drops of pure adrenalin then splash liberally with 100% Italian design and garnish with a touch of cutting-edge technology. And voilà, you have the Verve 47, the perfect cocktail for an electrifying boating experience where you and the sea are as one. Having won over the American public, renowned connoisseurs of outboard boating and island hopping, the Verve 47 is now preparing to conquer new markets, as the buzz surrounding this remarkable new player crosses the Atlantic. So just what is the secret behind all the excitement and success? Like the best cocktails, it’s all about the perfect alchemy of great ingredients.

The first of those is its sporty silhouette with its strong echoes of iconic Italian cars such as Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Maserati Boomerang or the more recent Lamborghini Vision T. Its link with the sports car world is also evident in the helm station with its advanced dashboard and side bulwark windows that deliver an enhanced driving experience by placing the pilot thrillingly close to the water, with the wake on either side. Another vital ingredient is the extraordinary on-board liveability that seamlessly fuses the laid back sea and sun experience with comfortable covered spaces, where no detail has been left to chance. Last but most definitely not least, is performance. The double-stepped hull created and developed by the great Michael Peters effortlessly flies along, while the Mercury Verado 4-stroke quadruple outboard engine delivers an exhilarating and intoxicating 1800 hp that will have you anchored off those glorious, remote bays and sipping on your favourite cocktail before you know it.


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