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Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović drops NFT collection named the Laws of Adrenalin ..

International footballing superstar and current A.C. Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović, will be releasing his first ever NFT artwork, The Laws of Adrenaline: An NFT Collection curated with acclaimed Italian artists GionnyScandal, Hexaract, Manazza and Tresoldi. The Laws of Adrenaline

The collection features original artworks curated by the world-famous, goal scoring legend who challenged artists to create works based on his latest autobiography, Adrenaline: My Untold Stories. Eleven quotes from his autobiography inspired these eleven artists in collaboration with producers ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, and ARTN to assemble this collection.

The collection includes fine abstract art from Hexeract and a portrait of a defiant Zlatan from rapper GionnyScandal. It also features an animated artwork that starts as a pencil drawing and morphs into a fearsome layover of Zlatan's imposing figure on that of his counterpart, the lion, by Manazza. The last piece in the drop highlights the many different facial emotions of the man himself featuring the colors of his historic club, AC Milan, by the artist Tresoldi. This drop will be the first of three through late June for The Laws of Adrenaline: An NFT Collection.

The first drop in the series will consist of one limited edition animation from Hexaract, one 1:1 image for private sale from GionnyScandal, and two open editions priced for fans, one animation from Manazza and one still image from Tresoldi, all curated by Zlatan Ibrahimović. If a collector purchases one of the open editions for each of the three drops they will receive one limited edition artwork airdropped as a bonus. This drop is structured as follows:

  • Adrenalina (2022, animation) - Hexaract - Auction - 1:1

  • Dear Hater (2022, still image) - GionnyScandal - Auction - 1:1

  • The Strength and the Bravery (2022, animation) - Paolo Manazza/ M.Arm - Limited Edition of 10 - SOLD OUT

  • The Strength and the Bravery (2022, still image) - Paolo Manazza/ M.Arm - Open edition

  • In.storia (2022, still image) - Ivan Tresoldi - Open edition

"Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the most iconic and prolific athletes on the planet and we are excited to see him bring his passion and fervor to the NFT space," said Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace. "We're very much looking forward to hosting the The Laws of Adrenaline series on MakersPlace, and truly enjoy being able to provide high quality artwork for art and sports enthusiasts alike by offering accessibility in purchasing NFTs from their favorite creator

The Laws of Adrenaline: An NFT Collection is available exclusively on MakersPlace.


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